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Our company was founded in the Oryol region in 2007. The head office of the company is located in Mytishchi, Moscow region.
We produce natural fruit and berry raw materials, as well as import raw materials from China, Israel, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and other countries. Deliveries are carried out under direct contracts.
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Concentrated juice
You can find a lot of concentrates of different juices on modern shop counters. But what is concentrated juice?
Concentrated juice is fruit juice from which moisture is extracted. Depending on the type of processing, it may contain various important nutrients, minerals and vitamins. However, the concentrate undergoes more careful processing than a simple fresh fruit, which makes people wonder if it is harmful or beneficial to health. Hereinafter, you can get information about concentrated juice and its usefulness.

What is concentrated juice
Freshly squeezed juice contains more than 90% water, to obtain a concentrate all liquid is removed from fresh juice. This results in a syrupy product known as concentrated juice. Extracting the water from the fruit minimizes the growth of bacteria, which means that the shelf life increases, and such a product spoils much less often than freshly squeezed juice. In addition, this process helps to save on product packaging and transportation.
However, it is worth clarifying that the processing methods are fundamentally different from each other. Many juice concentrates are filtered, evaporated and pasteurized, but some may include food additives. Concentrated juices are sold warm or frozen and diluted in clean, filtered water before drinking.

Methods of preparation of concentrated juice
To make a concentrated juice, you need fresh, selected fruit and berries without defects, which must be thoroughly washed, cleaned, crushed and mixed to make a homogeneous mass of pulp. Most of the water is evaporated in a vacuum or frozen out, and the liquid can also be removed using a membrane.
Since fruit flavors can become diluted, many companies add artificial flavors. It also contains sweeteners such as high fructose corn syrup, which means that the concentrated product contains a lot of sugar, as well as artificial dye-stuff and flavors.
Some concentrated juices are specially processed to remove harmful microbes, thus extending the shelf life of the finished product.

The most popular types of concentrated juices are orange, apple and pineapple. The concentrate is an attractive enough product because it is not expensive and has a long service life. In addition, this product may have several health benefits:
1. Juice is rich in vitamins and nutrients. This product is very useful if it is made from fresh products (vegetables, fruit, berries), without added sugar, salt or other fillers. Concentrated juices contain such useful vitamins as: A, B, C and others.
2. Concentrated juices contain plant compounds that are beneficial to the human body. Such compounds include carotene, anthocyanins and flavonoids.
3. Concentrated juices make the skin integument healthier. Many fruit juices contain vitamin C and antioxidants that promote healthy skin and slow down aging.
4. Long service life and availability of concentrated juices. Concentrated juice is a good alternative to freshly squeezed juice. However, you cannot use concentrated juice in its pure form. It is also worth saying that frozen and stabilized product is stored for a long time and does not spoil. The product is convenient for those consumers who do not have access to fresh fruits, berries and vegetables.
Potential disadvantages include low fiber content, and the product may also contain added sugars. Given that the concentrate undergoes various processing, it is fair to say that it is not suitable for everyone.

Our company provides a wide range of natural high-quality raw materials for your future products!
Professional technologists are ready to develop customized samples according to your wishes!


Raw materials:
- vegetable and fruit purees
- concentrates

Finished products:
- syrups
- nectars


Our advantages

Certification ISO 22000, HACCP, IVF, certificate for baby food.

Italian line Boema NATURAL fruit, berry and vegetable purees, aseptically preserved in barrels and aseptic bags.

— We are always open to cooperation. The best commercial conditions, promotional support for products, additional discounts for the introduction of new products, the possibility of delivery to the distribution center, high quality products and domestic production. We are not selling a product, but a turnkey integrated solution for the development of a joint business.

— The company employs highly qualified technologists who are always ready to help with the choice of raw materials. If necessary, we can develop an exclusive product for you. Do you need raspberry juice concentrate with cream in bulk or champagne-flavored filler? No problem!

— Deliveries of raw materials are possible in 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 25 kg, 250 kg.

— Own fleet of vehicles, convenient warehouses in the Moscow and Oryol regions, flexible pricing policy - all the conditions for a pleasant cooperation!

— There are 10 lines for bottling drinks. We produce children's drinks, juices and nectars in glass and bag-in-box aseptic packaging, carbonated drinks, toppings and syrups, smoothies, purees, bases for creating drinks.

— The company owns land for growing fruit, vegetables, berries and a cannery with an area of 100,000 m². We select and process the fruit ourselves - more than 3,000 tons per season.

— The company owns two artesian wells. The water of the highest category is used during the manufacture of Barinoff products - this is biologically complete water with excellent taste.

— The excellent technical equipment of the plant and strict control at all stages of production allow us to create the highest quality drinks.


Our partners

Our partners

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