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A viscous, very sweet syrup Barinoff is perfect for making cocktails and other delicious drinks. The product is based on natural concentrated juices. The perfect combination of rich taste and soft fruity aroma!


Concentrated juicesTo catalog

Cost-effective and all-natural concentrate will help you make juice similar in taste to freshly squeezed juice. The product is suitable for children from the age of three.


ToppingsTo catalog

Make your dishes even tastier and more beautiful! Barinoff toppings are the perfect accompaniment to desserts, coffee drinks and cocktails. Due to its dense texture, the topping is suitable for decorating complex confectionery. The composition includes high-quality ingredients from natural raw materials.


Bases for fruit drinks and drinksTo catalog

Traditional Russian fruit drink is a delicious non-carbonated drink with a high content of vitamins. You can prepare fruit drink from the natural base Barinoff. Fresh berries are ground with sugar, while the mixture is not thermally processed. Thus, it is possible to preserve the maximum of useful microelements.


Puree for drinksTo catalog

There are many ways to make delicious juice. The Barinoff company offers a profitable business solution - fruit purees for drinks. The product is sterile, natural and packaged in a convenient container. It contains pureed fruits and sorbic acid only. There are four popular flavors to choose from: apricot, banana, mango or peach.


Confitures, smoothies and saucesTo catalog

The company Barinoff offers a wide range of products from selected fruit and berries. Berry jams, fruit smoothies and sauces for various dishes are essential ingredients in a professional chef's arsenal. All products are manufactured under strict control on modern equipment and comply with European quality standards.


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